Worried about detention?

Please read if you are facing possible detention and deportation…

The threat of detention faces every refused asylum seeker.
We understand this is something very frightening and you may not know what you can do, or what help is available.

WSSAG can offer emotional and social support, links and guides around the issue. Unfortunately we are not able to offer any financial help or legal advice.

At WSSAG we encourage women to share their experiences, which can help to stop people feeling alone or isolated.

Every week people seeking sanctuary in South Wales are detained either when they go to report or from their homes by the enforcement officers (Home Office)


The Home Office will usually detain someone when all the necessary arrangements have been made to process a forced removal, for example preparing travel documents and booking a flight.

Here are some things you may wish to do if you are worried about being detained:

• Speak to your lawyer regularly to find out what they are doing about your case. Find out if they have an emergency contact number for out of office hours.

• If you are worried about being detained make sure you let people know. Tell your friends or family about your situation and ask them if they can go with you when you have to report to the Home Office

• Always try to give a spare key to a friend or family member when you go out.

• Let somebody know where you keep your important documents, or make copies for them to keep up to date with your case.

• Don’t panic; try to find support groups in your area. Share your worries, rather than keep them to yourself.

• Usually, if you are detained you will be told straight away when the removal flight will be. You will be given a signed copy of ‘Removal Directions’ which will give the date, time, destination and flight number of the removal flight. Try to give these details to a friend or family member as soon as possible.

• If you are detained they will take your mobile phone away from you if it has a camera but you are usually allowed to phone or leave a message with your lawyer or a friend.


More information

* You are usually safe if your asylum case is on- going. It is important you keep in contact with your lawyer. On some very rare occasions, the Home Office detain people and tell them that their case has been refused at the same time.

* The Home Office are not allowed to forcibly remove you if travel documents have not been made.

* People are usually detained about four or five days before the removal flight is due to happen. The Home Office do this deliberately so you do not have much time to talk to your lawyer before the removal flight. Sometimes people can be detained late in the day after many lawyers have closed or sometimes just before the weekend or on a bank holiday when lawyers offices are shut. Make sure you have an emergency number for your lawyer in case this happens.

Remember there are many things you can do to help yourself if you are detained – even if you end up without a lawyer to help you – it is crucial you do not give up hope!

Contact us if you are in need of help!