Poverty so extreme that you do not have the basic things you need to live, such as food, clothes, money.

Every day in Cardiff more women are facing destitution. WSSAG supports destitute women through providing emotional support and donations of food and clothes at our drop-in.

The text below is copied from Women for Refugee Women destitution page. Please follow the link to read more…

“If women fleeing persecution are refused asylum and have exhausted their rights to appeal, they may become destitute. This means that they have no right to access benefits or housing, and also no right to work. It is estimated that over 200,000 refused asylum seekers are living destitute in the UK. Because of poor legal representation and poor communication among statutory agencies, destitution can also extend to those who are going through the asylum process.”

We can see the overwhelming negative effects of destitution among the women with whom we work. These range from the personal effects on women’s physical and mental health, to effects on the community and the wider society. We are particularly concerned that destitution increases women’s vulnerability to sexual exploitation and violence. Our experiences lead us to understand that destitution does not encourage people to make arrangements to return home. On the contrary, destitute asylum seekers are overwhelmingly focused on day to day struggle for survival.”

Video taken from Refugee Action Campaign on Destitution

WSSAG cannot provide housing, but we urge anyone who has a spare room to consider getting in touch, to house someone who is destitute for free. This can be for any length of time, however short or long, and we would organise training, an initial meeting, and then keep in touch throughout their stay.

To find out more, or donate any food or clothing, please contact us


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