Past Events


‘Think Well and Be Well’ Course

September 2014- a series of workshops around health and wellbeing were hosted, entitled ‘Think Well and Be Well’.

The workshops included:

* Relaxation and Breathing

* Healthy Eating

* Sleeping Well

* Art Therapy

* Physical Activity and

* Confidence Building

From Wednesday November 5th WSSAG  ran English classes for beginners at our Office in Butetown (3 North Church Street, CF10 5HB).

Refugee Week 2014

It’s time for Refugee Week once more and to celebrate sanctuary in Wales, WSSAG is hosting a special party on Saturday 21st June from 1-4pm. All welcome!

logoTo find out more events you can go to in South Wales, please click on the link to look at the poster, or go to the website

Enjoy it everyone!!

Walking for Dignity from Bristol to Cardiff

WSSAG Wales has been invited to join the Dignity March Bristol to Cardiff!

We invite you to come and join us too, in the 5 day march from Bristol to Cardiff, starting from the Malcolm X Centre, City Road, Bristol at 3pm, 29th May and ending at the Home Office building, Newport Road, Cardiff on 2nd June.


Dignity for Asylum Seekers are a group of asylum seekers, refugees and allies. Over the past 2 years they have organised big marches in Bristol to raise awareness of destitution and detention. This year they are planning a solidarity walk at the same time as a bigger walk from Strasbourg to Brussels, to protest against the tightening of Borders across Europe, to resist the system of forced destitution and to raise awareness about issues facing asylum seekers in the UK and Bristol.

The march will meet with groups along the way and learn from each other. We are planning a demonstration at UK Border Agency’s offices on Newport Road, Cardiff on Monday 2nd June. We invite groups and individuals to join us and walk together against the violence of Fortress Europe.

flyer back final copy

Walking for Freedom

In the many countries we come from we could not practice freedom. We were forced to leave to seek safety, freedom and equality. We have walked many journeys to get to the UK. Many people lost their lives along the way, trying to cross in to Fortress Europe. Since 1990, 20,000 people have died in the Mediteranean region as a result of Border Controls. No human is illegal. No human should die.

Abolish Dublin III, Frontex, Eurosur and Fingerprinting

We made it. Luckier ones. But we have to continue walking. We are scared that we will be put in to detention prisons and deported. We feel sad for our friends who are already in detention centres or who have been deported. We are motivated by the migrant protest march in Europe and want to come together here in the UK with many people so we can also walk to seek freedom and dignity.

Stop Detention and Deportation of Refugees and Migrants

We are an advantage to the UK. We want to be allowed to contribute, to pay taxes. Instead, the Home Office is a nightmare to us. We have to wait long time, often many years, for an answer to our asylum claim. They put us through inhumane interviews and then wrongly refuse our asylum cases and our lives are stuck for years, prohibited from working or from claiming benefits. The government politices make many of us destitute. We are frustrated that we are scapegoated for problems we did not cause.

Freedom of Movement and Residency for All

We are the backbones of you here. Migrants do many jobs which keep this country going and contribute a lot in taxes. Also, many white British people have been in our countries: Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe. They went to our country to exploit us, to bring resources back here. Yet, when we come here, they treat us as non-entities. This is racist and injust.

Freedom and Dignity for all

Refugee and Awareness Open Day


WSSAG invites you to come and celebrate our Refugee Awareness Open Day

Saturday June 22nd (1-5pm) at Adamsdown Resource Centre

Awareness raising open day on the plight of people seeking sanctuary in Wales and in Cardiff in particular

Discussion and sharing of experiences about the issues people seeking sanctuary face will be held around a free international lunch

Children welcome – crèche provided

Refugee Week Wales.jpg

Stories are Never Left Behind – Swansea

There are stories everywhere: about people and places, beautiful things, sad things, good things. For refugees even things that you have left behind are still in your mind. You keep telling yourself stories about your mother, your grandfather, your friend, your house… things only you know about.

Creative Writing can help you write your memories down as stories or poems, make them beautiful so they last. We can look at your photographs and talk about your journeys. This is for you first and for your family. Second it is so that other people can try to understand what it is like to lose everything and start again. You don’t need to be a poet or write English really well to do this.

In June City of Sanctuary and Swansea Museum set up a wonderful exhibition for Refugee Week that shows what life is like for asylum seekers and refugees. It is full of photographs and people telling their stories.

Photographs, are important; even photographs that have been lost. They remind you of your old life and remind you of your journey to the UK.

Picture: Romisa Asadi

There will be two sessions just with asylum seeker and refugee women and there will be a third one anyone can come to.

We will do some writing in the exhibition in Swansea Museum 11-1.00 on Wednesdays 8th and 15th August. The open session is the following Wed 22nd.

Swansea City of Sanctuary will pay for one child-care worker for two sessions of two hours each so that women can write in peace. We can also pay bus fare.

We will make and sell a booklet of the poems and stories that are written and there will be a reading at the end of the exhibition.

Please contact Jeni Williams through WSSAG Wales.

Four Floors of Celebration and Awareness

 This Friday 22nd June, to celebrate Refugee Week, Cardiff Central Library will be hosting four floors of entertainment. From cultural dances, music and poetry, along with stalls and refreshments, there is something to suit everyone.

This event starts at 11am and finishes at 5pm. Entry is free and WSSAG will be holding a stall there.


In the evening there will be a performance of Asylum Monologues at The Old Library in the Hayes, from 6-8pm.

“Asylum Monologues” is a rehearsed reading of the play by London based theatre company Ice & Fire. The actors will tell the story of young people’s experiences when seeking sanctuary in the UK. The event will also include a panel discussion on issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers young people by specially invited politicians, representative from YPSO, sector organisations and charities.

You can get your free tickets by clicking here

Refugee Week Open Day 23rd June


To download a PDF of our flyer please click here

Also click here to find out more about Refugee Week activities in Wales.

International Women’s Day 2012

Each year around the world, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. Thousands of events occur not just on this day but throughout March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.

Organisations, governments, charities and women’s groups around the world choose different themes each year that reflect global and local gender issues.

On Thursday 8th March, WSSAG was very pleased to be able to promote the aims of the group and encourage weekday shoppers to reflect on the lives of women seeking sanctuary in Cardiff, at their local LUSH store on Queen Street.


LUSH also donate money to local charities where they can through the sale of their‘charity pot programme.’

On Sunday 11th March, over at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, WSSAG attended a fantastic event hosted by Cardiff Feminist Network calledAdvocate:Challenge:Transform with stalls, panel debates, workshops and more…


Speak Up for Equality

This Saturday WSSAG Wales members have been invited to:



Cupcakes and Casts off at Cathay’s Community Centre

On Saturday 4th June, WSSAG will be attending the Cupcakes and Cast-off’s event at Cathays Community Centre from 12-4pm. For a map of how to get there click here.


This free event will be a great opportunity to find some bargains and enjoy great food and live music!

Think bunting, balloons, music, face-painting, fun in the sun, kids activities, craftiness and of course ample quantities of the sweet, gooey, chocolatey – or other types of tasty – goodness that is CAKE! And of course clothes and other pre-loved goodies will be on sale for the cheapest prices around. Cupcakes & Cast-off’s is all about reducing, recycling, revamping & re-wearing!

Raising money for Asylum Justice, Environmental Justice Foundation and STAR (Student Action for Refugees).

Asylum Justice is a local charity that supports asylum seekers who don’t have a lawyer in Cardiff and Swansea by providing them with free legal aid. Many of these cases have been refused by lawyers and so the work of Asylum Justice – run by volunteers – is invaluable.

Environmental Justice Foundation (EJS) makes the link between the need for environmental security and the defence of basic human rights. One of EJS’ campaigns is on Climate Refugees. Deteriorating environmental conditions linked to climate change are already affecting the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. However, there is no legally binding agreement identifying and protecting climate refugees so EJS is working to establish one.

STAR Cardiff runs a weekly drop-in centre for asylum seekers and refugees, is involved in campaigns, improving awareness about refugee issues, and fund-raising for charities such as the Welsh Refugee Council. STAR Network is made up of hundreds of other STAR groups around the UK, all who are supported by a small head office through training and resources. Due to cuts in funding, raising money for the network is vital.

International Women’s Day Event 

women connect first logo

Women Connect First in partnership with:
Communities First BME Local Partnership, Cardiff Council – Census 2011, UWIC & OFXAM Cymru



 On Monday 28th February, 2011

From 10.30am to 4.00pm
at City Hall, Cardiff

For more information and a flyer please click here:


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