September’s Anti-deportation Workshop

On 17th September 2010, Women Seeking Sanctuary Advocacy Group Wales hosted an Anti-deportation training workshop alongside NCADC, No Borders South Wales, and Displaced People in Action. The training covered how individuals can launch and sustain anti-deportation campaigns, use the media and most importantly act in unity against unjust deportations!

It was a highly successful event with all participants feeling encouraged to get involved in campaigning. It has become clear that through creating networks we can achieve great things!

Here are just a few of the comments received:
“The training was quite beneficial. I gained a lot of advocacy techniques that I may apply on assisting asylum seekers who are on the verge of deportation or their case has been closed, who have no idea on what action to take.”

“Very good and enlightening. I now have an idea of how I can go about starting a campaign if I need to. I have also learnt how I can get in touch with the media and contacting a journalist and what I should already have in hand to get my story going ahead and for people to listen to it.”

Watch this space for the next Train The Trainer Workshop – coming soon!


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