Welcome to WSSAG Wales

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Our address is 3 North Church Street, Butetown, Cardiff, CF10 5HB
Meetings are open to all women
Children are also welcome

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Company Overview

WSSAG welcomes all women regardless of status and their children are welcome. We meet once a fortnight on Saturdays, please see the website for exact dates. (Refreshments are provided and travel expenses are reimbursed.)

* Our aim is to help one another to help ourselves

* We share and learn through each other’s experiences and problem solving

* We organize events, training and awareness raising workshops

* Unfortunately, we cannot offer any immigration advice, financial support, work or housing

* We provide a safe and secure women only space and a source of support for each other, social and emotional

* WSSAG brings us together – Together we have power, we can learn skills, increase our capacity, overcome helplessness and isolation

* At WSSAG, we support, empower each other, meet and make friends.


WSSAG is an advocacy and research group which works with and for refugee women and their families in orderĀ  to enhance their ability to rebuild their lives.

If you would like to know more, please click here to contact us.


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